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July 2012 … Marks the renewal of this site…

We have taken this opportunity to renew the presentation of Herbert W Armstrong materials … Please look to see:

  • Broadcasts now in MP3 format (to be supported by all PCs & Portable music devices… without needing to convert the files!)
  • Booklets & articles remain in PDF format — which continue to have multi-platform support by computers & e-readers
  • “Clear Truth”  Website comments on current events from a Church of God perspective.  The postings may include new insights, as well as references to Mr Armstrong’s materials (including Biblical Prophecy) — that remain “current” as world events unfold.
Please feel free to comment on the site, Mr Armstrong’s materials, and suggestions to improve the site.  We are eager to help a new generation find Answers to Life’s “big questions”.  Herbert W Armstrong was lead of God to find these answers in Scripture, and, as a writer and broadcaster, Mr Armstrong helps to reveal & MAKE SIMPLE the “sometimes surprising” truths of the Bible.

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